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 Making Memories that last a lifetime!

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How to support

There are several ways to support the ranch. You can make just a general donation (see below).  You can buy a brick for our Walk of Fame.  You can Become a Sponsor. If you can’t make a financial donation, and want to donate your time, you can be a part of the Support in Action. There are many ways you can help, and we appreciate it all.

You know, when we first found Haven Horse Ranch, I never expected things to turn out like they have for my daughter and I, and we have to thank you for that. She has come out of her shell. She has stopped being so dependent on me. You and the ranch have brought such joy to our lives and I don't think I will ever be able to repay that.

-- Summer Camper's Mom

What Does That Mean?

Our kids learn all about horses literally from the ground up. This means they learn how to take care of a horse before they ever get on its back. This combines the joy of riding with the responsibility of the necessary chores that go along with that benefit.

Who We Are:

Haven Horse Ranch is a 501c3 nonprofit, working horse ranch in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida. We use horses to teach children basic life's principles and Christian values. We believe that better kids make for a better community. We exist to provide a safe, enjoyable environment where kids have fun learning about responsibility while growing in self-confidence.

Picture a 14 year old who has been diagnosed at one time or another with Autism...Mildly Mentally Handicapped...Stutter/Speech Dysfluency...Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Alice (not real name) has been asking about riding horses for years. We heard about Haven Horse Ranch from a mom friend whose son has been to the ranch. She had wonderful things to say about the staff and the facilities, and knowing our child, thought she could succeed here. A Mom's view during "Alice's" week at summer camp:

Day 1: No words, just a big, goofy smile on our one hour drive home in the steaming hot car.

Day 2: Again, no words about camp, but she did make eye contact and actually joke (appropriately) with a checkout clerk at the grocery store on the way home.

Day 3: She told me she made a friend. This may not seem like a milestone, but for a kid who didn't have a birthday party this year because she couldn't think of anyone to invite, this was a big deal!!!

Day 4: No news is good news, yes? Day 5: She tied her shoes. For 10 years she's been working on tying her shoes: books, shoe trying kits, songs, even cutting and tying different colored shoe laces together so she could distinguish the two ends.

Anyway, day 5 of camp came and she got dressed without any cue other than, "It's time to get dressed." She came out of her room fully dressed with her boots on the correct feet and tied!!! I asked how her boots were doing, to which she replied," I tied them myself. They're a little loose, but they'll be all right." How on earth did Smokey the horse teach her to tie shoes?


- Riding Student/Summer Camper's Mom

My teens had the time of their lives. They learned so much about horses and about themselves.  I saw teens go from being very nervous and whining about the bugs and the heat to crying and wishing they had more time to spend at the ranch with their horse.  I watched teens go from acting like they were being put out to be there, to arriving home hoping to find a horse ranch where they could go work.  I saw withdrawn timid teens begin to stand straight with confidence.  I saw the very teens who can't even keep

their clothes picked up off of their bedroom floors ask, "What stall

should I clean next"?

--Melissa Potts, Youth Director

Why Should I Donate Now?

  •We have a waiting list of kids wanting to attend summer camp this summer but do not have the funds.


  •We have a waiting list of kids wanting to take lessons who need partial scholarships.


            •We have a program for runaway kids in place                     except for the funding.

                         Your Tax Deductible Donation can be                            one time, monthly, or quarterly; a                             small or large amount

Why Should I Help?

We keep our lesson and camp prices as low as possible so that more people in our community can  afford to send their kids here. We do not receive any government funding. Therefore, we fund our youth programs ourselves through ongoing riding

lessons, trail rides, school field trips,  camps, clinics and event hosting

(birthday parties, weddings,

receptions, company picnics

& team building days,

Girl/Boy Scout camp outs

and just about anything

else our imagination comes

up with!).

But, we simply can’t do it alone!

We need your financial gift to

continue our work and serve the

children. You can help make a difference.

We know times are hard for everyone. They're hard for us, too. But, every tiny bit helps, no matter how tiny the bit (a little horse humor).

 Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION can be one time, monthly or quarterly; a small or large amount.

   •We've seen firsthand how working with an 1,100 pound animal and gaining its trust increases a child's self-confidence, self-respect and sense of responsibility.

   •We've also seen "our" kids improve their grades and school attendance as their sense of worth and pride increases.

   •We've seen shy, withdrawn and/or learning disabled kids come out of their shells and shine as their confidence builds and grows.

   •We've seen kids from horrific home situations turn their lives around as they assume a greater role in pursuing good life decisions.

             What Does My Donation Do?

         100% of all contributions are used directly for these youth programs . Your donation makes a difference in a local child, who you see everyday. The change in these children is insurmountable.

◦Higher Grades

◦Better School Attendance

◦Increased interest in volunteering and                    helping others

◦100% Graduate from High School

◦More than 85% go on to college

Your Donation



Support the Kids

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*Until further notice means you must notify us 30 days in advance to stop payment


Fill in the amount, select the frequency for your donation, and click “Donate”.

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